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Install terms and conditions 

I acknowledge that the service is final after the application. Any changes to the style after application will be charged accordingly and additionally. 

I acknowledge that hair extensions are very sensitive and different from intact human hair. I have been/will be informed of the daily maintenance procedure. I will follow the daily maintenance procedure to keep my extensions in the best condition possible. I am fully aware and responsible that if I brush my hair hard or if the extensions are pulled that it can be ripped from the roots. 

I acknowledge that I have inspected and approved the hair extensions that are to be installed in my hair. I understand that my technician will also inspect the hair and lace, if in the case that the hair and lace is not acceptable, I accept that I will be given the choice to reschedule or cancel my appointment. In the event that I decide not to keep the hair extensions, I am fully responsible for the total payment of services rendered. I also understand the explanations of the entire procedure, and I am aware that with proper care on my part, they should remain in good condition. I understand that if an allergic reaction occurs, I will not hold my technician or salon at fault if i have not taken the time to inform the technician of my allergies to certain products.  

PUBLICITY MATERIALS I authorise the taking of photographs and videos. I understand that photographs and videos may be taken of me for educational and marketing purposes. I hold the practitioner harmless for any liability resulting from this production. I waive my rights to any royalties, fees and to inspect the finished production as well as advertising materials in conjunction with these photographs.


PAYMENT I understand that this is an ‘elective’ procedure and that payment is my responsibility and is expected at the time of treatment.

HAIR DROP OFFS I acknowledge that I am expected to drop my hair off to my technician 5 days before the date of my appointment. Haus of JL allows 4 days as leeway however, if hair is not dropped off by the 4 day mark the appointment will be rescheduled or cancelled. 


The information provided has been explained to me and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I have read the above information.

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