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Hair Colouring terms & conditions 

PATIENT CONSENT: This is an informed consent form that has been prepared to help inform you of the potential benefits and risks of hair colouring. It is important that you read this information carefully and discuss fully with your practitioner before proceeding with treatment.


Hair colouring or hair dye in this case is used to change the colour of your hair extensions. Hair colouring is temporary, and you will need to have repeated colouring to maintain results. Results vary between clients and results are dependent on many individual factors. A hair colouring should last between 4-6 weeks, but it can last for longer or shorter periods. At Haus of JL, we highly recommend our hair extensions for colouring, however if the client would like to provide their own hair extensions, we recommend providing 100% raw or virgin hair. Please discuss with your supplier the quality and origin of your hair extensions before purchasing. We also recommend you ask for customer reviews and carry out your own research.


I understand that the quality and origin of hair extensions I provide will affect the result of my desired colouring service.


SIDE EFFECTS: The main side effects of hair colouring on hair extensions sometimes include shedding & dryness, you must be aware of these before proceeding. You must also fully discuss any questions with your technician. Your technician will discuss ways to keep these side effects at a minimum.  


Your technician will organise a strand test for your hair at least 5 days before the colouring treatment. This involves applying dye or bleach on a section of your hair extensions. If the hair does not lift or colour to the desired quality, your technician will get in contact with you to discuss your options. A normal patch test is a good indicator that your technician can proceed with colouring your hair extensions. However, this does not ensure that hair extensions provided are all of good quality. If your technician feels that hair extensions you have provided do not take to dye well you will be contacted.


I have been advised of the relevant information associated with this treatment and I confirm that I fully understand this advice. 

PUBLICITY MATERIALS I authorise the taking of clinical photographs and videos. I understand that photographs and videos may be taken of me for educational and marketing purposes. I hold the practitioner harmless for any liability resulting from this production. I waive my rights to any royalties, fees and to inspect the finished production as well as advertising materials in conjunction with these photographs.


PAYMENT I understand that this is an ‘elective’ procedure and that payment is my responsibility and is expected at the time of treatment.

HAIR DROP OFFS I acknowledge that I am expected to drop my hair off to my technician 7 working days before the date of my appointment. Please bare in mind our working days are Thursday - Saturday.  Haus of JL allows 6 days as leeway however, if hair is not dropped off by the 6 day mark the appointment will be rescheduled or cancelled. 


The information provided has been explained to me and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I have read the above information.

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